The Difference Between Normcore and Normal

Celebrities being photographed doing everyday things is usually left to the paparazzi, to be posted on entertainment sites over "Stars: They're Just Like Us" captions. But the latest batch of photos of celebrities doing normal things just happens to be Gap's newest ad campaign. The tagline for the advertisements is "Dress Normal" which is shown through images like Angelica Huston sitting down with a cup of coffee and Zosia Mamet lying on a bed fully dressed. Just a few months ago, normcore was the latest fashion craze and in order to achieve the trend, style savvy people dressed downright boring.

But Gap isn't urging everyone to dress in normcore trends, instead it promotes getting back to the basics and dressing "normal," — we're talking jeans and tees not socks and Birks. Fashionista reported that Gap's campaign is truly about getting customers to represent their "most authentic self," according t0 Gap Chief Marketing Officer Seth Farbman.

Dressing like your most authentic self sounds like a great idea to try on this fall and much better than the hipster normcore trend. Still confused on what the difference is? Allow me (and Gap) to break it down for you.

Normal Shoes vs. Normcore Shoes

Black ballet flats: Normal, if a bit basic. Birkenstocks: So ugly, they're trendy.

A Normal Coat vs. A Normcore Coat

A chic motorcycle jacket like the above Gap version is definitely a normal trend in fashion as of late, no longer reserved for punks and biker gals. Elaine from Seinfeld's long, frumpy overcoat is pure normcore.

Normal Shirts vs. Normcore Shirts

Thanks to the normcore outfits of Seinfeld, here's another prime example of the difference between a normal and normcore button up blouse. Namely, Elizabeth Moss' shirt is a practical color and flattering fit, while Elaine's is just straight up garishly cool.

Images: Courtesy of Gap and Urban Outfitters