Jessica Williams' Stop And Frisk Sketch Kills It In Last Night's Episode Of 'The Daily Show'

Monday was a great day for stop-and-frisk opponents. A federal judge found that the policy, which allows officers to detain and search citizens without a warrant, is a violation of a citizens' constitutional rights. As most of us know, it's also a policy that mostly targets people of color.

There's plenty of information out there on how and why this policy is dangerous, but as per usual, The Daily Show presented a refreshing and clever spin on New York's controversial policy Tuesday night: What would stop-and-frisk look like in what's actually NYC's most crime ridden neighborhood? Here's a preview:

Jessica: I'm standing in one of NY's most crime ridden neighborhoods

John: Ok, where exactly are you Jess?

Jessica: I'm on Wall Street...The White Bronx, Business Harlem.


Watch the genius skit below.