'Agents Of SHIELD' Casts 'Friday Night Light's Adrianne Palicki — But She Won't Be Wonder Woman This Time

All hail Tyra Collette: Friday Night Lights' Adrianne Palicki's coming to Ag ents Of SHIELD this fall. So who will she be playing in the Marvel universe? That'd be Bobbi Morse, known to Marvel fans as the superhero Mockingbird.

This is not, of course, Palicki's first go-round as a superhero: She was cast as Wonder Woman in the failed David E. Kelly pilot. That one didn't go very far, though, so it's nice to see she's getting a reboot of sorts in the superhero world. She's also pretty well-versed in action roles at this point, also starring in the GI Joe movis.

So far Palicki's only announced to appear in the fifth episode of SHIELD's second season, but this seems the kind of role where possibilities for expansion are definitely present, so she may have a bigger role yet. Many comics fans will undoubtedly be thrilled by the addition of Mockingjay to the fray, as well — especially considering how sprawling Marvel's onscreen presence is these days. If it's not more episodes of SHIELD, Morse and her superheroic identity could saunter over to a Netflix show (Daredevil? Jessica Jones?) or even to the big screen for some quality Avengers time. Any excuse for more Tyra Collette.

Image: Marvel