Laura Prepon Won't Be a Regular on Season 2 of 'Orange Is the New Black,' But Why Not?

Orange Is the New Black fans, you're about to be disappointed. Not because you have to wait until Season 2 to watch the beloved Netflix series again, but because one of the beloved stars of the beloved Netflix series will reportedly no longer be a regular in the show's sure-to-be beloved second season.

BuzzFeed reports Laura Prepon, who plays Alex on the series, will only return to Orange Is the New Black for "a limited number of episodes." It's disheartening news, especially when you consider Season 2 is made up of a limited number of episodes in the first place — the Netflix series will return with just 13 new episodes. (Prepon's publicist did not immediately respond to Bustle's request for comment.)

The actress, formerly best known for her work on That '70s Show, earned raves for her portrayal of Alex, the ex-girlfriend who landed Taylor Schilling's Piper in prison in the first place.

So far, there's no word as to why Prepon would not be a regular on the series (could another Prepon TV vehicle be on the way?). Still, this is undoubtedly news that will have Orange Is the New Black fans seeing some serious red.

Image: Netflix