15 Things Only Fake Nail Wearers Can Understand

I blame Rihanna for my acrylic nail addiction. If it weren't for her and her badass manis, I'd probably still be content with my naturally chipped, shapeless nails. But about a year ago, I succumbed into the magical world of fake nail art and I don't know when or how I'm ever going to leave. My nails, a flawless almond shape, are always photo-ready. I never have to worry about retouching my polish when I'm running out the door, because they rarely chip. They make my once small hands look longer and leaner. And they are the perfect canvas for stacked rings and bracelets galore.

Safe to say, I'm obsessed. But as fellow fake nail-wearers know, it isn't a walk in the park with these talons. The struggle is beyond real for a girl with a set of acrylics. From the costly upkeep to the scratch marks, there are more than a handful of things only we can understand. And while our nails may look good all the time, each and every one of us has probably come across one of these problems that have made us consider tearing them off.

Here are 15 things only ladies with acrylic nails can understand.

1. You are hated by coworkers and fellow coffee shop patrons due to your excessively loud typing

2. Drop some coins on the ground? Good luck picking them up. You can't

3. Putting your contacts in and taking them out is a daily battle (one that hurts real bad when you accidentally slip)

4. Cooking anything usually ends with a sizable amount of food stuck underneath your nails (AKA a snack for your pet)

5. Peeling off a sticker or a label has become one of the most frustrating tasks (because it's impossible)

6. You accidentally poke and scratch people all the time

7. You have become best friends with your nail technician (because acrylics require you to see her more often than you see your mom)

8. Pets think you give the best belly rubs. Because you do

9. Zipping up your jeans just isn't as easy as it used to be

10. Your texts are riddled with typos. So. Many. Typos

11. Soda and beer cans are completely off-limits

12. Breaking a nail is literally one of your worst nightmares

13. Necklaces and bracelets with clasps? Yeah, right

14. Forget about eating anything with your fingers

15. And you live in constant fear of what your real nails must look like underneath

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