Karen Gillan & John Cho's 'Selfie' Doesn't Premiere Until September But You Can Watch the Pilot Now

It's the end of summer, which brings with its own joys and miseries — plus: less sweat, minus: the impending winter. It also brings with it a whole batch of new TV shows to judge and/or fall for. Among the batch this year? ABC's Selfie , starring John Cho and Karen Gillan in a modern My Fair Lady situation. And you can watch the pilot right now.

Selfie doesn't technically premiere as a series on ABC until Sept 30, but networks have been giving themselves a nice head start these past few years and releasing pilots online early. Hence your chance to watch Selfie right now and judge it for your self.

So can sci-fi beloveds John Cho (Star Trek, Sleepy Hollow) and Karen Gillan (Doctor Who, Guardians Of the Galaxy) pull off a sitcom wherein the former's a technology-hating curmudgeon and the latter's a woman whose entire life revolves around her social media followers? Who knows! You'll really have to watch this thing yourself, I can't make the decision for you. But hey, that's where Hulu comes in handy!

Selfie was created by Emily Kapnek, the brain behind the beloved Nickelodeon animated series As Told By Ginger and the more recent ABC sitcom Suburgatory.

Judge Selfie for yourself right here:

Image: ABC