Who Is Ryan Good? ‘PLL’s Ashley Benson Has a Jack of All Trades Boyfriend

Pretty Little Liars' star Ashley Benson has been dating her boyfriend, Ryan Good, for a while now (except for that little stint when they took a break), but have you ever stopped and asked yourself, "Who is this guy? What's his deal? And is he hiding secrets in his hair?"Being that I have no life, I have. So, I dug around a bit and found some interesting tidbits about ol' Mr. Good. Here, nine things you ought to know about Ashley Benson's boyfriend, Ryan Good.

Image: Ryan Good/Instagram

He Was Justin Bieber's "Swagger Coach"

Listen, we all make mistakes in life. I’m guessing Bieber was a hard study; and hey, swag really can’t be taught, can it? Also, WTF is a swag coach?!

Image: Justin Bieber/Instagram

He Was Also a Producer on 'Punk'd'

IMDb lists Good as a producer for one year on Punk’d , Ashton Kutcher’s greatest accomplishment. Sounds like this dude is a jack of all trades, eh? The real question is: what is he a master of?

Image: Ryan Good/Instagram

He's a Huge Sports Fan

Take a gander at Good’s Instagram account, and you’ll see that it’s rife with sports-related stuff. OK, fine, don’t. But take my word for it.

Image: Ryan Good/Instagram

He Also Happens to Be a Big Vanilla Ice/Guy Fieri Fan

Good recently posted this pic to Instagram, along with the caption, “Woulda been sweet to been there for this.” Who knew?!

Image: Ryan Good/Instagram

He's Deep

Maybe he was just having a bad day, but on August 13, Good tweeted a series of profound quotes. My personal favorite? ”Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has plenty; not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.” -Dickens

Image: Ryan Good/Instagram

He's Tight With Punky Brewster

On Soliel Moon Frye’s birthday, he sent her a tweet, wishing her the happiest of birthdays. Aww.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

He Likes Kids

Good has a few snaps of some little cuties on his Instagram page, including this adorable button to the left. He gives very little info on them, but one could surmise they’re his sister’s children.

Image: Ryan Good/Instagram

He's a Fan of Donuts

I mean, who isn’t, right?

Image: Ryan Good/Instagram

He Seems Like a Good Boyfriend

Good posted this photo for his #womancrushwednesday recently. Aww.

Image: Ryan Good/Instagram