Cumberbatch IS Shere Khan—Here's Proof in Gifs

Benedict Cumberbatch is getting animated (again! He plays a wolf in Penguins of Madagascar)Benedict Cumberbatch just signed on to voice Shere Khan in The Jungle Book: Origins, Warner Brothers' adaptation of the Rudyard Kipling classic that was made immortal by Disney. The project is being directed by Andy Serkis, aka Gollum, aka Cumberbatch and Serkis probably bonded while working on The Hobbit, in which Cumberbatch played another viscious villain, Smaug.

He can't seem to help it—that low, growling voice practically screams "make me the bad guy." Actually, it more like sinisterly whispers it. Oddly enough, Cumberbatch is the second announced Shere Khan this year; Idris Elba, the babe from Luther, is playing Shere Khan in the OTHER Jungle Book movie, Disney's version that will be released before the Andy Serkis take. It's anyone's guess which movie will deliver, but Cumberbatch gains a point because, hello, the man is basically a human lookalike of Shere Khan. That long nose, those expressive eyebrows, those mysterious and slightly terrifying eyes (you can never know what they're thinking!), and the super smooth, extra salacious charm that distracts you from what could be pure evil. Don't believe me? See for youself, because the resemblance really is uncanny.

A round of applause

Can't tell who's smugger.

You're all fools

Such utter disdain for common folk.

So charming...

And yet, so chilling.

Those eyes...

Don't look directly in them or you'll turn to stone.

It seems strange to say that he was born to play an evil, animated tiger, but is there anything that ISN'T delightfully strange about Cumberbatch?

Images: Tumblr (3), Giphy (5).