The Best Weirdest Things To Buy On Nasty Gal

It's sort of impossible not to love Nasty Gal. Loads of impossibly cool clothes from impossibly cool brands, unique styles, crazy silhouettes, the best accessories ever. . . . I could go on. But, in case you haven't noticed, they also are just selling some really flat-out wonderfully bizarre things. Part purse, part water bottle pouch, anyone? And, as someone who appreciates really bizarre things (I mean, have you guys even been on YouTube lately? The weird stuff is the best.), it all just makes me love Nasty Gal even more. Nasty Gal is successful because they can simultaneously sell to the typical fashion girl, as well as the cutting-edge trendsetter — and all in a way that is still honest to the brand's aesthetic.

So whether you're looking for a furry iPhone case or a pom pom headband, Nasty Gal has something just for you. And, OK, even the weirder stuff isn't your thing, it's still fun to browse and imagine a version of yourself that someday will need a pair of sexy construction boots. And I mean, hey — if you happen to purchase a dress or 12 and a pair of pineapple socks along the way, well, no one is blaming you; I wouldn't be able to resist either.

Here are 15 of the best, kind of crazy pieces from Nasty Gal that you need in your closet.

1. Hair Charms

I'm not 100 percent sure how this works, and I'm also fairly certain that you may lose these throughout the day, leaving a trail of pearl charms in your wake, wherever you go. Not exactly convenient, but still kind of cool.

Atta Pearl Hair Charm Set, $18,

2. Pom Pom Headband

Remember how cool pom poms were in elementary school? Well, they're back. Bigger than ever, and sitting on the top of your head. Just go with it.

You Da Pom Headband, $15,

3. Furry iPhone Case

Just when you think you've seen it all . . . a furry iPhone case comes along. Question: Do you think it would help protect it when dropped? Because I kind of think yes. Also, who wants to steal something that appears to be a stuffed animal? No one, right? Awesome. So many benefits here, guys. Pay attention.

Skinnydip London Furry iPhone 5 Case, $20,

6. Crazy Sunglasses

Ever wanted to look like a fruit fly who happens to go to very fancy disco parties on the weekends? Now's your chance.

Holes Classic Shades, $115,

7. Crazier Boots

These kind of make me think of like . . . an adult, semi-X-rated version of the animated children's show Bob The Builder. I don't know what the means, but I just thought I'd put it out there.

Jeffrey Campbell Mulder Platform Boot, $175,

8. These Shoes

There's A LOT going on here, so I'll just let you guys take it all in.

Privileged Jacker Platform Wedge, $150,

9. The Egg Shoe

I know there's someone out there who has looked at an egg and said, "Man, I really wish I could stylishly incorporate this shape into a shoe." Boom. Done.

Jeffrey Campbell Overdome Ball Heel, $155,

10. Pineapple Socks

Because why not, right?

Good Seed Ankle Socks - Pineapple, $8,

11. Intense Body Chains

The whole body jewelry trend? It has arrived.

Cleo Shoulder Chain, $45,

12. Trolls iPhone Case

If only they could combine the fur and trolls iPhone cases. Now there's a concept, people.

Zero Gravity Trolls iPhone 5 Case, $25,

13. Cat Socks


Cool Cat Crew Socks, $8,

14. Stringy Swimsuit

I don't know about you guys, but during swimsuit season, what I like to do is find a suit that is a series of ropes and strings and lines that serve no purpose but to emphasize my stomach completely and totally. Obviously.

Sunstreak Swimsuit, $98,

15. Water Bottle Holder

Hydration is important. So they have a point.

Unchained Water Bottle Holder, $38,