'Scandal' Season 4 Will Add Sonya Walger But This Isn't Their First Time Snagging a Former 'LOST' Star

The fourth season of Scandal 's added another new face to its ranks: Lost's Sonya Walger. Excuse me while I....*clears throat*...*adopts Scottish accent*...."PENNNNNNNEEEHHHH."

As is often the case with drama-laden shows like Scandal, no one's lettin' anything on the details of who Walger will be playing. Will she be a new mistress for Fitz? For Mellie? Jake Ballard's long-lost sister and/or wife who is also a top secret government agent? A senator? A foreign monarch of some kind? This is Scandal, she really could be almost anything. All we really know is that TV Line notes the role is "potentially recurring."

Now I'm gonna point out the thing that every other person writing this up will point out: It's kind of distressing that Walger, who played Penny on Lost, is arriving to Scandal multiple seasons after Henry Ian Cusick, who played Desmond on Lost, departed the show. Is there no justice in the fictional television universe??? Must these two be star-crossed forever? Must we spend the rest of our days trying to live out Lost all over again with a different ending? Is this our collective fate?

Now is the time to revisit this moment: