Meet 'Million Dollar Listing's British Newbie

Why haven't the Million Dollar Listing shows really caught on? Just like Top Chef is Bravo's take on the food porn genre, Million Dollar Listing: LA takes on luxury real estate. And this season, the show has a couple of new realtors, including David Parnes, Million Dollar Listing: LA 's newest peddler of multi-million dollar California mansions. Parnes is joining Josh Flagg, Josh Altman, and his business partner James Harris on the series. Together, Harris and Parnes started Bond Street Partners, a London based real estate company, and now they're coming to America to work with The Agency, a Southern California based company to bring Bond Street to Beverly Hills — literally, as Real Housewives of Beverly Hills husband Mauricio Umansky founded the company.

But this is no rinky-dink crossover concept. Mauricio is a serious real estate mogul, and Parnes and Harris will be challenged to deliver in an environment that couldn't be more different from rainy, refined London. Of course, Parnes didn't move to California just to get a tan. Bond Street sold over $80 million in real estate in 2013, and that's in good old LA County, not England. And while it's not as covetable as the residential listings, the Brits sell expensive commercial real estate too — they do it all.

While Parnes stays pretty serious online, he has a total soft spot for cute animals (he's a frequent Cute Emergency reposter). The most interesting thing we know about him for now is that he has two dogs, Maxi and Bella, that he raises with his girlfriend, Adrian Abnosi, and they are unbelievably adorable.

Oh, and he frequently posts pictures on Instagram, like this one of his parents meeting Prince Charles, like it ain't no thing. The caption might as well read "#TBT to the time my parents hung out with the royals, nbd."

The rest of the time, he's strictly business… but luckily his business includes posting tons of beautiful architecture and spreading the word about the crazy expensive listings he's trying to sell.

Maybe Parnes and Harris will bring a little suave British charm to the constant bickering of the two Joshes. Obviously with the loss of Madison Hildebrand the show will already never be the same, but with the culture clash angle, perhaps we'll see Brit & Brit vs. Josh & Josh?

Well, Parnes recently posted a supportive message about the death of Josh Flagg's amazing Grandma Edith headed by "I love this guy," and business partner Harris told Us Weekly the two get along great with Flagg, so we could also see Brit & Brit & Flagg vs. Josh. Either way, prepare yourself for not just a dose of ridiculously extravagant real estate, but Parnes' ridiculously charming accent and basset hounds to go along with it on this season of Million Dollar Listing: LA.

Images: Tommy Garcia/Bravo; David Parnes/Instagram