The Snuggie Has Some Woodsy Competition

by Erin Mayer

You remember the Snuggie, don't you? The blanket-with-arms that was everywhere for awhile and supposedly allowed for maximum comfort while curling up on the couch? Now there's a sleeping bag version that's equally unnecessary and only slightly less hideous. The Rainbro Napsack is a wearable sleeping bag with a, well, boisterous pattern designed to make camping trips and middle school sleepovers a little bit cuter.

Let's be clear about something — the Rainbro Napsack, brought to you by the brand Polar for a cool $130, is literally a sleeping bag with arms. The website helpfully suggests that you "hike it up to your waist, cinch it [with a drawstring], and wear it like a puffy coat around the campfire," but no one will ever do that because the Rainbro Napsack is ugly. It looks like something Lady Gaga or Bjork would wear on a coffee run. However, as far as wearable sleeping bags go, this is the probably best you're gonna get.

I recommend the Rainbro Napsack to avid campers who are always chilly around the campfire, or to anyone who falls asleep whilst sitting up as soon as 10 o'clock hits (guilty as charged), or to Marina Abromovic for her next performance art project. There's even a hidden pocket for you to store your cellphone and a small hole to pass headphones through, since you're a technoholic who wouldn't go camping (or performance art-ing) without distractions.

What do you say — are you ready to leave the Snuggie behind and become a Rain Bro?

Images: Polar Stuff/Facebook(2)