29 Plus Size Jackets, Because Autumn Is Right Around the Corner

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Days are getting shorter. Nights are getting colder. And Starbucks will soon be bringing back their pumpkin specialties. All this evidence suggests autumn is lurking around the corner, treading cautiously before taking us all by surprise.

I actually have to admit that the fall is my favorite season. Though I miss beach days and the beauty of what can sometimes seem like perpetual daylight, I love the smells and the foods and the colors associated with the season — everything from burgundy to leather to pumpkin pie. Not to mention, of course, the fashion.

My favorite part of autumn shopping is by far jackets. Or other substitutes, like vests! The season is so varied that the problem tends to arise of whether to get something light or something that you'll still be able to use come winter. But my rule of thumb is usually to simply go for what you love, because the thing about the fall is that you never know what you're going to get. Like, you know, a box of chocolates.

So from fur to leather to mesh, here are the best jackets in plus fashion currently on the market. Some are lighter than others, but they should all go perfectly with that pumpkin spice latte you've been craving since last November.

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