Taylor Swift & Suri Cruise Hung Out & She's Not Even Her Youngest Friend

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When the press started hounding Taylor Swift back in 2012 for her dating habits, saying she entered too many relationships and dwelled too long on breakups, the singer had one response: ditch the boys, and start the friendships. In the last two years, Swift's focused solely on her female friends, buddying up to famous ladies ranging from Lena Dunham to Karlie Kloss. Now, there's another addition to the ever-growing list: Suri Cruise, who, according to Swift, joined the singer (along with Cruise's famous mother) for a "girls' day" that included sushi, manicures, and plenty of gossip.

As strange as the idea of Swift and Cruise becoming pals may seem at first, it actually makes a lot of sense; both of them are fashionable, famous New Yorkers with a shared love for classy looks and occasional snark. Even the age difference between the two — a whopping 16 years — isn't that odd, considering Swift's current roster of all-age friends. When it comes to her female pals, the singer seems to love branching out of her age group, and sometimes, even her generation. Here's how Swift's friendships stack up in age.

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