Who is 'If I Stay's Leading Man?

If you decide to go see If I Stay , the Chloe Moretz tearjerker out this weekend, it's likely you'll walk out of the theater with two questions on your mind: 1) why did I just do that to myself? and 2) who was that really hot dude playing Adam? While I can't help you with the first question — anyone who goes in to If I Stay should be prepared for Fault in Our Stars-level tears — I can assist with the second: that really hot dude was Jamie Blackley, a British actor who, before If I Stay, was best known for small roles in theater and TV. Yet after this movie's release, it shouldn't be long before the actor becomes a household name, and as anyone who saw If I Stay can attest, he certainly deserves the boost.

Because while If I Stay certainly has its flaws, casting Blackley as Adam is not one of them. The 23-year-old actor is a commanding screen presence and convincing romantic lead, more than holding his own against his movie girlfriend, Moretz. It likely won't be long before he's leading his own films and becoming a movie star in his own right, but in the meantime, here's everything to know about Jamie Blackley:

You've Seen Him Before

Although If I Stay is Blackley's breakout role, he's had small parts in Snow White and the Huntsman and The Fifth Estate (above), among other films. He's also appeared in Showtime's The Borgias, albeit just for one episode.

He's British

Specifically, Manx, meaning that he's a member of the European ethnic group originated from the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea, where Blackley was born. He began his career acting in British films, including 2010's London Boulevard, a horror movie also starring Keira Knightley and Colin Farrell.

He Almost Had His Breakout Role Earlier This Year

In 2012, it was announced that Blackley had landed a starring role in 300: Rise of an Empire , then called 300: Battle of Artemisium, but shortly after, he was replaced by Unbroken actor Jack O'Connell (above).

He's a Musician

Like his character in If I Stay, Blackley has a background in music. In 2009, he appeared as Hanschen in a London production of Spring Awakening, and in 2010, he starred as George Harrison in Backbeat, a Beatles-based musical.

His Next Movie Will Be Huge

Brad Barket/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Blackley's next movie role? A major part in Woody Allen's untitled new film, starring alongside Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix. The details of his role — and of the movie itself — are still unknown, but it's safe to assume that whatever it is, it'll be a major boost to Blackley's already-soaring career.

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