15 Fab Ear Piercings to Get Right Now

It has been exactly 26 years and some months since I last pierced my ears. Yes, I was one of those barely alive babies rocking studs that looked like they could anchor me down. And while I have dabbled with nose piercings and been poked and prodded in the name of beauty many times since then, it wasn't until recently that I thought hey, ears, what do you think about getting some more holes? Perhaps it's because I'm hitting my quarter-life-crisis stride or I'm just getting bored with my lackluster one-holed ears. The NY Times, however, would suggest another reason: it's because piercing are back, baby.

In the '90s, piercings were ubiquitous, mostly associated with tattoos and the grunge movement. Fast forward to the early 'Aughts and you were probably begging your mom for a belly button ring (or in my case, trying to figure out ways to get one without her knowing). This time around, NYT argues, piercings are way more subtle and sophisticated. Dainty and delicate studs and hoops have replaced bold and colorful jewels. From the high-fashion runways of Chanel and Givenchy to celebrity "It" girls Rihanna and Nicole Richie, it seems ear piercings aren't going anywhere anytime soon — and the more little studs you can wear at once, the better.

If you, like me, are looking to expand your ear piercing collection, here are 15 images that will have you running to your nearest tattoo/piercing parlor (or Claire's — there's nothing wrong with Claire's).

1. Titanium Balls

2. Flower Power

3. Lightning

4. Studs in a Row

5. The Kylie Jenner Combo

6. The Heart

7. Anchor and Ship's Wheel

8. The Vanessa Hudgens Combo

9. Vine Cuff

10. The Nicole Richie Triangles

11. Studs and Hoops

12. The Kendall Jenner Combo

13. Pearl, Diamond, Hoop

14. Inner Ear

15. The Almost Dozen

Images: Skin_Seamstress, UniquelyPierced, SophyLeah, CocoPoppa, KylieJenner, earpiercings101/, chocolate.brown.eyes,VanessaHudgens,chocolate.brown.eyes, kendalljenner, nicolerichie/Instagram, meetyouatsunset, forthejoyofrunning, cummitable, m4disonpaig3/tumblr