This Tee Is Made Exclusively For Selfies

A good selfie requires a few simple tools. Nice lighting, an on-point hair and makeup day, a de-cluttered background, a healthy dose of narcissism — all important. But maybe there's a crucial part of the selfie that we're simply not paying enough attention to. In our quest to rack up likes, comments, and the assurance that, "yeah, I DO look good in this lip gloss," it's possible that we're forgetting to perfect another part of our look: our clothing. Well, fear not, friends, because thanks to Russian designer Timur Kim's "selfie T-shirt," there's apparel dedicated to that front-facing camera pic.

Putting aside the fact that this may be a signal of some sort of official low point we've hit as humankind, the selfie shirt kind of seems like a long time coming to me. Let's face it: We live in a selfie society, and no one really seems to have a problem with that (I'm looking at you, Kim Kardashian). We may not agree on much in this world, but man, do we all like a good photo of our faces. I mean, throw in a piece of designer jewelry, major political figure, or a cute puppy or two, and we just lose our damn minds.

Designer Kim apparently recognized the global power of the selfie and decided to turn that into a shirt. Because why the heck not? After a solid 20 minutes of staring at the shirts, and looking at Kim's website, I have to say... I am not 100 percent sure what the selfie shirt offers vs. a regular shirt. The design is located in a triangular area around the neck and shoulders which, yes, is usually the part of you shirt visible in a selfie, but I am still left with a few questions.

First of all, what about the rest of the shirt? Sure, the triangle is cool, but if you like the pattern so much, why not just cover the whole shirt with it? Oh, too basic? Ok. Second of all, what if you have arms that are ten to fifteen times longer than the average person's arms? Great for taking group selfies with presidents and puppies, but not so great for the selfie T-shirt, am I right? Your simply stuck with your weird arms and a failed selfie T-shirt selfie. Who wants that?

I should also mention the selfie T-shirt is roughly $166. So for the same price you could most likely buy up to ten decent T-shirts of either solid colors or patterns, you could buy the selfie T-shirt. Perhaps you want a dress. Maybe a nice jacket. You could go wild. Or you can buy a $166 unisex, triangle shirt. The choice is yours, young Instagrammer.

Image: Timur Kim