This Pool Party Is A Barkin' Good Time

by Gabe Bergado

One dog, two dog, gold dog, spotted dog. All kinds of dogs are swimming and paddling at this canine-exclusive get-together. Virginia's doggy daycare Happy Tails Resort threw a pool party for their dog clients and the result was a hectic, yet adorable activity with not a cat in sight. No feline would be caught within 10 feet of a body of water, let alone a horde of soggy dogs shaking themselves off.

For those who hate dogs, you'll probably shriek in fear seeing this pile of pups. For those who love dogs, you'll probably freak in the "OH MY GOSH PUPS PLEASE LOVE ME I LOVE YOU ALL" way. That's because almost nothing is cuter than the sight of all these hounds taking a dip on a summer day. Let's be real, dog beaches are great in theory but in execution a little lackluster. Sand gets everywhere, you never know if Lassie is going to return in a tangle of seaweed from fetching a tossed ball, and waves can be really tiring for man's best friend.

You'll have to watch this clip at least two or three times to keep track of all the dogs and what they're doing. Some of them are a little rowdier in the water, others go in for a quick dip and a few just chill on the sidelines. My favorite is probably the pooch with the red, white and blue collar that excitedly circles the pool but never enters (at least during the video). Check out the video for yourself below. Which doggy is your favorite?

Image: Pixabay