11 Types Of Purchases You Will ALWAYS Regret Later

We all do it. We walk into a store and see that item that we just really, really have to have. Do we need it? No. Can we afford it? Maybe if we skip a meal or two next week (or, if you're me, replace the meals with the cheaper alternative of Sour Patch Kids and Diet Coke). So we buy the item, and are momentarily full of joy. But then the inevitable happens. Somewhere down the line, whether it be in a day or a few months, you realize that you should never have bought that item. You could have been doing/buying OTHER things. Saving for designer shoes. Text books. A vacation to Bora Bora. But, no, you had to have twenty pairs of cheaply-made, on-trend sandals from that fast-fashion store you frequent.

You're left with regret, an emptier wallet, and a desperate plan to re-sell all your never worn items. This plan, by the way, never works. I recently sold a pair of wedge sneakers (yes, I fell victim to that trend too) to a consignment store for $3.50. I bought them for at least $90. And wore them once. Ok, so it happens to all of us. Even the smartest shoppers buy things they later regret. But how do we avoid making these regrettable purchases into a habit? Well, there's a handful of items that I've learned I should just. stop. buying. And you should too. Here are nine items you will almost definitely regret buying in six months or less.

1. That SUPER Trendy Item

Going back to the wedge sneaker (*shudders*), if you see a shoe that you feel is awesome, but you know, deep in your soul, is also just a trend that will soon be left by the fashion highway along with gauchos and scrunchies, just walk away. And you if you just HAVE to have it, do not (I repeat — DO NOT) spend more than $50 on it. You will wear the item once or twice, and then make fun of them in three months. Don't do it. It is a death trap.

2. 7,000 Different Types Of Work Out Gear

For me, cute work out clothes always motivate me to get moving. Or, at the very least, when I finally do hit rock bottom and realize I need to pull myself out of a chips and hummus coma, they'll be there waiting for me. So I buy a TON of stretchy capris, neon socks, and headband elastic thingies. But, if you haven't noticed, work out clothes are expensive. Like you want me to exercise AND pay $140 to look like I know what I'm doing in the process? Sheesh.

Don't peruse Target and pick up six pairs of running shorts just because, you know, you're going to run that marathon one day. No. Walk away. Stick to what you KNOW is comfortable (read: try everything on) and keep it to a realistic amount, based on how much you actually work out.

3. Shoes From Fast-Fashion Mega Stores

In my opinion, the big-name, fast-fashion stores are great for buying trend-specific items that will be out of style in three weeks (see number one), but when it comes to buying shoes that last, you'll be wasting your money if you shell out cash for a pair of classic pumps, basic sneakers, or simple sandals. Sure, they're cheap at the moment, but they'll fall apart in no time. If you have any intention of wearing them on more than half a dozen occasions, opt to spend a little more cash and you'll save in the long-run. Trust me.

4. Anything You Try On And Aren't 100 Percent Happy With

Don't buy something that you are planning to fit into in three weeks, or something that you "kind of" like. Because you will absolutely, positively not wear it in the future. And if you do end up wearing it, you won't feel as confident as you should. And who wants that?

5. Anything You DON'T Try On

I've learned this lesson the hard way. Every single brand has a different fit, and a size 8 at one store is probably not going to be the same as a size 8 at another store. I know it can be frustrating and a pain, but try it on before you buy it, and you'll end up saving yourself both the irritation of having to return something and most likely, money.

6. Something "Because It's On Sale"

Oh, it's 75 percent off? MIGHT AS WELL. No. That's still money you wouldn't be spending otherwise. Money you could spend on burritos at Chipotle. Think it over.

7. Anything That Is Slightly Too Small or Too Tight

This is going back to number four again, but I've definitely been guilty of this while shopping and it has never ended well. I either tell myself that whatever too-small thing I'm buying will motivate me to get in better shape, or "oh, well, my feet won't hurt THAT badly, and it's the only size they have." Your feet WILL hurt, and whatever piece of clothing you bought that is too tight on you will only make you feel bad about yourself. Save yourself the grief and just order your correct size online if they don't have it in stock in the store.

8. Hair Accessories In General

I've found that these type of purchases never, ever end well or without regret. Just saying.

9. A Trucker Hat That Reads, "I Love Ashton Kutcher" On The Front

Ok, so perhaps this one is speaking from personal experience. Maybe I bought said hat at a Claire's in the early 2000s. Maybe I wore it. Do I hate myself? A little bit.

10. For That Matter, Anything That Has A Celebrity's Name/Face On It

Girls, step away from the Ryan Gosling-themed T-shirts. Step. Away.

11. A Different Version Of Something Else You Already Own

You're out shopping, and you see a pair of black booties you just LOVE. You're with a friend who thoughtfully remarks, "Yeah, but don't you already have a pair just like that?" Of course you already have an identical pair sitting in your closet at home. Will you admit this? No. "They're totally different. This one has gold accents. Obviously." You will go home, look at the two items side by side, and realize in anguish that your friend was right. You will secretly regret your purchase, although stand by your stance of the two being "like, so totally different." Don't say I didn't warn you.

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