This Is Your New Favorite Meme

I don't know how your day have been today up until now, but I do know that, however good/bad/so-so it's been, it's about to get so much better. Thanks to the Daily Mail, the world is now blessed with this photo of the fiercest baby wombat you've ever seen. According to the story, the poor lil' gal named Leah was found in her mother's pouch in Australia after her mother was hit and killed by a car — apparently a passerby saw the mother's body lying on the side of the road, and stopped to check if she had any children. Luckily, the good samaritan discovered our new friend here, and Leah was promptly taken in, adopted, and nursed back to health. Now, Leah is doing so much better that she's sitting like any true queen should, with the smuggest look I've ever seen on any person or animal's face.

Seriously, just look at that swag. I don't even have that much swag. We have all been outswagged by Leah, the baby wombat and swag queen.

Anyway, that's the backstory. Now, since this photo is amazing and this is the Internet, the newest meme of the hour is photoshopping little Leah into everything possible — and, of course, I had to make a few myself. Is this your new favorite meme, or what?

First, the original photo:


Image: MailOnline/Twitter; Memes/Bustle