John Mulaney's 'Mulaney' Sitcom Preview Is Here & It's Mighty Sitcom-y — VIDEO

If you've been wondering where some of Saturday Night Live's flavor recently fled to, Fox's upcoming sitcom Mulaney is at least part of the answer. And now we've got a first look at the comedy. It's coming to a TV or similar device near you in the fall, and so far it's looking extremely sitcom-y.

Mulaney — named after, created by, and starring former Saturday Night Live writer John Mulaney — has been what you could call a long-anticipated show. Mulaney shopped it to NBC first, but when they passed on it Fox took him up on the offer. Give or take a detail that's pretty much how showrunning started for Mindy Kaling and The Mindy Project, too, so it'll be no surprise if this morphs into a project with a similar reception.

Saturday Night Live's Nasim Pedrad is also a regular on Mulaney — in fact, it's why she left the show at the end of this year. As many SNL alum can attest, you gotta jump ship when a major role in an ensemble sitcom rolls around.

So far it's hard to see past the sitcom tropes that populate the first trailer for this show — the crazy friends! The multi-cam! — but Mulany's stand-up special New In Town was pretty great, and this is the man behind the best of Stefon. Somehow I just can't make myself not excited for this show?