Tim Allen's 'Galaxy Quest' Sequel is Happening But It's Not What You Think

Earlier this year, some of the writers and actors of Galaxy Quest spoke to MTV about the serious possibility of a Galaxy Quest sequel, and the hearts of nerds all over the Internet were set aflame. The 1999 comedy, which is a sendup of geek culture and (particularly Star Trek) fandom, became somewhat of a timeless movie in an age where ComicCon is now a nationally covered event. The film's writer, Robert Gordon, said he has "ideas for a sequel", and producer Mark Johnson is onboard, as are stars Tim Allen, Justin Long, Sigourney Weaver, and Sam Rockwell.

So far, there's been no serious developments on a movie. But whether a Galaxy Quest sequel hits big screens or not, there's still going to be a sequel...it'll just be at a comic book store near you. Erik Burnham has written a sequel to the film, illustrated in comic book form by Nacno Arranz. Called Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues, the ongoing comic book series will take the Galaxy Quest crew on a new adventure. Burnham explained:

Well, at the end of their movie, Tim Allen’s character, Jason, used the Omega 13 device to rewind time 13 seconds and undo the catastrophic death of his crew. (Um… sorry for the 15 year-old spoilers!) Messing with time. Maybe that affected more than the ship. If it was more widespread, sure, most folks would just have a powerful case of deja vu. But what if it changed something else? That’s what we’re starting with. They’re the reason a new race — called the Drythans — seek them out and say, “You screwed something up. Fix it.”
Angela Weiss/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

So, while fans can only hope that the interest in this comic book series will inspire a onscreen reunion of the original cast, in the meantime you can get your fix of weird space adventures on paper.