Kim Zolciak's Nanny Lana Has Some Unforgettable Moments in 'Don't Be Tardy' Season 3

If you don’t watch a ton of reality TV, the name Nanny Lana probably means nothing to you. However, if you’re like me and live your life for Bravo, then she's probably you’re favorite person in the whole world. Nanny Lana is Kim Zoliack’s nanny on Don’t Be Tardy and guys — she is ah-mazing. She made her reality show debut in Season 2 and Kim has kept her as the zany nanny for two seasons now. Kim needs Lana now more than ever, because she has six children to take care of. Even though Nanny Lana’s been around for a lot of the stuff that happens in the Biermanns home, she really shines this season. Honestly, I would enjoy the show much more if there was less wig talk and more just letting Nanny Lana lose on the town. She would make for the perfect sidekick for Kim.

We don’t know too much about Lana yet, but I imagine that Bravo will soon encourage her to create some social media accounts of her own (hint, hint, Bravo). Maybe I could start a let’s get Nanny Lana on Twitter campaign. I might be the only member, but I’m completely okay with that.

In honor of Lana the Nanny, I found three perfect moments in Season 3 for you to enjoy. Maybe after you watch these, you will understand the wonderfulness that is Lana.

That time she tried to pick up a guy

Basically the gist of this video is that Kim decides that Lana needs to find a man. So Kroy and Kim give her a makeover and take her out to a Mexican restaurant. They mic her up so they can give her advice in real-time and send her out to the bar. Hilarity ensues.

And took too many shots

How did the night go? Here's what Kim had to say about it on her blog. “We have not taken Lana out since that night, because she threw up all over my car — she didn't even try to make it out the window! Sweetie and I had to bathe Lana as soon as we got home, and we tucked her into one of my beds. She spent the night at my house and woke up feeling terrible, so no more wild nights out with the Biermanns, LOL!”

Or when Nanny Lana learned a valuable lesson in hand gestures

Personally, this is my favorite Lana moment of the season. Sometimes things can get sort of lost in translation between Kim & Lana and this is a great example. In this clip Kim teaches Lana about a hand gesture that does not mean "victory." Also, this is the reason I firmly believe we need to get Nanny Lana on camera as often as possible. Watching her and Kim together makes for some of the show's best moments.

Image: Bravo