What Is Jack Davenport From? The 'Breathless' Star's TV Projects Don't Usually Fare Well

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Everyone's had that feeling. An actor makes a guest spot in your favorite TV show or plays the quirky best friend in the latest rom-com, and then it hits you. You know that face, that voice, those mannerisms. But you can't quite place him. Breathless star Jack Davenport is probably that guy.

The British actor has had memorable roles in action films, dramas, and plenty of failed TV shows, but he's never been leading man material in the States until now. Davenport stars in Breathless as Otto Powell, the head doctor of a gynecology ward in 1960s London, which is making its way from the U.K. by way of PBS on Sunday, August 24.

But before you see just how awful it was to go to the gyno 50 years ago, take a trip down memory lane to Davenport's past roles. If by the end you still don't know where you recognize him from, you have even more reason to watch the show now, don't you?

Image: Courtesy of (C) ITV Studios for MASTERPIECE

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