Comedy Central Show Based on @DadBoner Twitter Should Inspire These Other Accounts to Move to TV

In an attempt to understand these crazy "young people on their Tweeter," yet another television network has decided to make a show based on a Twitter account. This time around, it's Comedy Central making a animated show based on @DadBoner, a Twitter account that follows the fictional life of Karl Welzein, a patriot who loves booze, fast food, Bob Seger, and is currently separated from his wife and living on a friend's couch. The man behind the Twitter account, comedian Mike Burns, has already written a book about his character with Power Moves: Livin' the American Dream, USA Style. The show will be written by Burns and Tim Long.

Hopefully, Comedy Central will learn from the mistakes of others, and by others I mean Shit My Dad Says. Sure, this show won't have as many big obstacles as the CBS show based on the @shitmydadsays Twitter account — namely, FCC regulations and William Shatner — but the record still shows that it's extremely difficult to get humor that reads on Twitter to translate to television. Still, it's not a terrible idea. There are a lot of funny and original ideas on Twitter.. .but how would they translate to the small screen? Here's a few ideas:

Wint (@dril)

No matter what you call it — Weird Twitter, Wyld Twitter, Dumb Jokes, Glorbo — Wint is one of the most well-known joke accounts of that particular group of people who make some fucked up jokes (side note: if you want to get really freaked out, read this research paper on "Weird Twitter." Congratulations, you have now turned into A Mom.) It's a pretty well established character ("rat with human face given medal by world health organization") and there's no way it would work on television unless Adult Swim just decided to let the comedian behind it have free reign. There's a slim chance it would actually work, but either way it would be interesting to see someone try.

Doug Episodes (@DougEpisodes)

All right, so what about a Twitter that's literally made to be a television show? OK, so it's an already existing show, so there might be some copyright issues there... but there are plenty of episodes where Doug isn't even Doug! Basically, once you get around copyright issues, it's the world's easiest show to make. Again, this would probably be some late-night, Adult Swim, animated territory, because although these tweets are "technically" formatted as episodes, these episodes would confuse the hell out of most audiences.

Hot Spot (@HotSpotAvl)

As far as I can tell, there is a real gas station in Asheville, North Carolina, called Hot Spot. Whether or not this is the actual Twitter account of this gas station, though, is more dubious. Either way, if anyone ever made a television show about an insane Appalachian gas station in a colony of mountain hippies, I would sure as hell watch it. Hopefully, someone would be brave enough to make a show as strange as these Tweets.