Who Is 'Hart of Dixie' Star Scott Porter's Wife? Kelsey Mayfield Is a Big Dork, Too

While George Tucker might be the most eligible single guy in Bluebell — a handsome lawyer, living on a boat after being jilted at the altar does give one that impression at least — the real life actor who play’s Zoe Hart’s constant on-again, off-again man is taken. Hart of Dixie actor Scott Porter is married to Kelsey Mayfield. The couple tied the knot in 2013 after meeting five years prior when Porter was working on NBC’s Friday Night Lights — but she wasn't a fellow actor! Here are nine things to know about Kelsey Mayfield.

She Met Porter Playing Beer Pong

Mayfield and Porter met back in 2008 when Porter was playing quarterback Jason Street on FNL and she was a cheerleader at the University of Texas at Austin. Their meet-cute over beer pong seems so typically Southern, they might as well have met at the Rammer Jammer. They honored their meeting five years later with a football/cheerleader cake topper and beer pong tables at their wedding reception.

Image: Kelsey Mayfield/Instagram

She's a Dog Lover

Mayfield and Porter’s dog, Truffle, played flower girl at their wedding, and Mayfield’s constantly posting new pics of the pooch on her Instagram. She helpfully acknowledged this in her account’s bio section: “Most of my pictures will probably be of my dog…because I think she’s the cutest!” And she’s right. Those eyes!

Image: Kelsey Mayfield/Instagram

Her Nickname is Kiwi

Like an adorable fruit. Come to think of it, Scott’s character George was engaged to Lemon on Hart of Dixie. Maybe fruit names are just a natural attraction for him.

Image: Kelsey Mayfield/Instagram

She Likes Cheddar Bay Biscuits

Yes, those cheddar bay biscuits from Red Lobster, and I seriously can’t blame her for loving them. In fact, her husband treated her right and took her to the restaurant to indulge for her birthday, like a true Southern gentleman should.

Image: Scott Porter/Instagram

She Planned Their "Rustic Chic" Wedding

Porter and Mayfield’s wedding included pink and white flowers, tree stumps, a Rolls Royce, and a Texas sky. It would totally give lady like Lemon Breeland a run for her money.

Image: Kelsey Mayfield/Instagram

She's a Casting Director

While Porter’s busy getting in some hijinks in Bluebell, Mayfield works as a casting director for NBC shows like The Taste and The Biggest Loser.

Image: Kelsey Mayfield/Instagram

She's Obviously a Pinterest Queen

This burlap decked wreath and some dream catchers she posted on Instagram just seem like a piece of cake for her.

Image: Kelsey Mayfield/Instagram

She Has Great Taste in Junk Food

Seriously. I agree with this entire grocery purchase she posted on Instagram. It’s the perfect snack to watch a CW show about a fish out of water New York doctor living in the South.

Image: Kelsey Mayfield/Instagram

She's a Big Dork

Well, actually she and her husband are both just big dorks — pretending to eat oversized food, reenacting Lion King with their dog Truffle, and just looking all around adorable in their photos — so it works out.

Image: Scott Porter/Instagram