Robyn Is Releasing New Music, So Let's Celebrate With 21 of the Best Sad Dance Songs — LISTEN

Great news! On Wednesday, Swedish dance diva Robyn revealed that she's working on a new solo EP. Robyn told TIME that she primarily worked on the new EP with Markus Jägerstedt, a member of her band, and Swedish producer Christian Falk (who, sadly, just recently passed away). The EP isn't quite finished yet, and Robyn didn't provide a release date, but my fingers are crossed that new music will be arriving soon.

It's been nearly four years since Robyn released her last solo effort, 2010's Body Talk, so, in my opinion, she's long overdue to put out some new tunes. True, she quenched her fans' thirst a bit by releasing the Do It Again EP in May, a joint project with Norwegian electronic music duo Röyksopp, but some of us (read: me) are still rather parched.

There are a lot of great reasons to love Robyn (her voice, her bowl cut, her shoes, etc.), and I've been lovin' her since I first heard "Show Me Love" on the radio back in 1997, but my adoration reached new heights in 2010 when she premiered her now iconic single, "Dancing On My Own." See, Robyn understands, probably better than any artist I know, how to make listeners bawl their eyes out...while dancing!

She is the undisputed Queen of "tears on the dance floor" anthems.

Robyn gets that just because a song is sad doesn't mean that people don't want to dance to it. After all, dancing can be really cathartic! Sometimes, you just need to hit the dance floor (err, your bedroom...with the door closed) and dance your heart out while white-hot tears and snot stream down your face! If you haven't tried it before, I highly, highly recommend it.

So, in honor of Robyn's new EP announcement, let's take a listen to some of the best "tears on the dance floor" anthems out there today. Because sometimes it just feels really good to cry while fist-pumping.

Robyn — "Be Mine!"

Robyn on YouTube

"No, you never were, and you never will be mine..."

Agnes — "Release Me"

Cloud 9 Music on YouTube

"Release me/ Release my body/ I know it's wrong/ So, why do I keep coming back?"

Bebe Rexha — "I Can't Stop Drinking About You"

Bebe Rexha on YouTube

"I know you dream of her while you sleep next to me..."

We Are Legends — "Begging for Amnesia" (feat. Caroline Ailin)

Uniform Beat on YouTube

"Every aching memory reminds me how I need ya/ Every long lost moment has me begging for amnesia..."

Christina Aguilera — "You Lost Me" (Hex Hector/Max Quayle Remix)

Christina Aguilera on YouTube

"She has won, now it's no fun/ We've lost it all, the love is gone..."

David Guetta — "Without You" (feat. Usher)

David Guetta on YouTube

"I can't quit now, this can't be right/ I can't take one more sleepless night/ Without you, without you..."

Robyn & Kleerup — "With Every Heartbeat"

Embassy One on YouTube

"So, I don't look back/ Still, I'm dying with every step I take/ But I don't look back..."

Kesha — "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes"

KeshaReleases on YouTube

"I've wasted the love of my life/ I'm losing it/ With every move I die..."

Basement Jaxx — "Romeo"

Basement Jaxx on YouTube

"And I miss your warmth in the morning/ And the laughter when I can't stop yawning..."

Cascada — "What Hurts the Most"

CascadaVEVO on YouTube

"What hurts the most was being so close/ And having so much to say/ Watching you walk away..."

Cash Cash — "Take Me Home" (feat. Bebe Rexha)

Cash Cash on YouTube

"I'm falling to pieces/ To pieces, to pieces/ But I still stay 'cause you're the only thing I know..."

Ne-Yo — "Forever Now"

NeYoVEVO on YouTube

"As I watch you kiss him softly the same way you kissed me/ I scream, 'What am I gonna do with forever, now?'"

Robyn — "Time Machine"

thefamecircus on YouTube

"Yeah, who's laughing now?/ Didn't think you'd actually go..."

Mariah Carey — "H.A.T.E.U." (Jump Smoker's Remix)


"I can't wait to face you/ Break you down so low, there's no place left to go..."

Shontelle — "T-Shirt" (Bimbo Jones Radio Edit)

RileyRemix on YouTube

"Gotta be strong, gotta be strong/ But I'm really hurtin' now that you're gone..."

September — "Cry for You"

Catchy Tunes on YouTube

"You'll never see me again/ So, now who's gonna cry for you?"

Jessica Folker — "To Be Able to Love" (Jonathan Peters Remix)

VeryGeneric1 on YouTube

"Darling, I don't have the heart for you right now/ Somebody's playing with my mind/ But all I'm dreamin' of is to be able to love..."

Ellie Goulding — "I Need Your Love" (feat. Calvin Harris)

CalvinHarrisVEVO on YouTube

"I take a deep breath every time I pass your door/ I know you're there, but I can't see you anymore..."

Colbie Caillat — "Hold On"

ColbieCaillatVEVO on YouTube

"I'm losing love, losing you, losing everything/ Losing faith in the world where I wanna be..."

DHT — "Listen to Your Heart" (feat. Edmee)

Robbins Entertainment on YouTube

"I don't know where you're going, and I don't know why/ But listen to your heart, before you tell him goodbye..."

Robyn — "Call Your Girlfriend"

RobynVEVO on YouTube

"And you tell her that the only way her heart will mend is when she learns to love again/ And it won't make sense right now, but you're still her friend..."

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