The Top 15 Fashion Moments in 'Emma Approved'

Have you been watching Emma Approved on YouTube? If not, you should be.

It's a fresh adaptation of Jane Austen's novel of (almost) the same title, and it comes from the same creators of the Emmy Award-winning Lizzie Bennet Diaries and the brand new Frankenstein, M.D.

The show has a lot to offer — I mean, what could go wrong with Emma set in a "love and lifestyle" company? Emma's a professional matchmaker, Mr. Knightley is her snarky business partner, Harriet is her assistant/protegé, Jane Fairfax is a high achiever (too high for Emma's ego's comfort, in fact) in the non-profit sector, Frank Churchill is an ever-so-slightly-foppish entrepreneur — you get the idea.

Anyway, one of my very favorite things about the show is its attention to wardrobe, courtesy of stylist Jessica Snyder. The characters are always dressed to a T, but it's not the kind of often-unaccessible fashion you see in TV and film: Most of the (very) cute dresses, vintage-inspired blouse and skirt ensembles are from sources that are sure to be very familiar to the show's young demographic — ModCloth, Lulu's, and Darling. Check out some of the best looks below:

Harriet in "A Little Less Conversation"

I can't quite get over just how adorable that blousy top looks with that retro skirt.

Harriet in "The Boy is Mine"

If you're going to declare your love for Mr. Knightley, that might just be the perfect dress to do so in (and those checkered pumps are off-the-charts).

Emma in "The Boy is Mine"

It takes a lot of chutzpah to mix bright patterns and prints like that, but it's something Emma has in spades.

Harriet in "Secret Lovers"

At first glance I thought this sun dress was printed with lobsters — but hey, foxes are even cuter! And I'm always a sucker for Oxfords (especially cognac-colored cut-out Oxfords like this).

Emma in "Secret Lovers"

'90s-grunge plaid meets '60s-mod minidress adorability.

Emma in "Mood Swings"

Gotta love a good print, eh?

Emma in "Baby Bump"

This look is like Easter Sunday, the first day of school, and a date at the botanical gardens all rolled into one.

Harriet in "Car Crush"

Daisy printed babydoll, paired with black suede cut-out booties? Yes, please.

Emma in "Car Crush"

What may be the finest print in a show positively overflowing with, well... fine prints.

Jane in "Ship Shape"

Cute, reserved, and serious, just like Jane Fairfax herself.

Harriet in "The Bachelor"

Contrast collar! Gingham! Glasses. Glasses!

Caroline in "To New Heights"

It's a touch cray-cray, but there's no denying the fact that she is working that rainbow gingham better than anyone else in the world could even dream of being capable of.

Emma in "Two for Two"

You wouldn't think a romantic, ruffled blouse would look as good with an Ikat-printed miniskirt as these two here do, would you?

Emma in "Moment of Triumph"

Does it get any better than black and gold brocade? Side note: lipstick

Harriet in "The Proof is in the Yogurt"

Classic chic, with zippered pockets to add a touch of pop. Hell yes, Harriet Smith!

Images: Emma Approved/Pemberley Digital