"Baby Got Class" Is a Hilarious Back To School Parody That All Parents Need

Holy hell, it is back to school time, isn't it? Cue the Billy Madison song: back to school, back to school, to prove to Dad that I'm not a fool...OR cue this song, "Baby Got Class," a back to school parody set to the eponymous "Baby Got Back," by the one and only Sir Mix-A-Lot. In case you thought Sir Mix-A-Lot eschewed his love of bodacious buns, he has not; this video is brought to you by the Holderness family, who are family rap icons in their own right. Give this dad a Dad Rap award or something.

The family dances and jams as the Holderness parents rap about the joys of sending their kids back to school (it's quiet!) and the perils of back-to-school shopping lists (those three ring binders!). It's adorable, and you might even find yourself with a shit-eating grin, but you also might wonder if the little Holderness kids ever stopped and asked their folks what the song was about originally. (Anacondas. But of course.) And in case you're wondering if there are any references to anything "round and big," there are! Except "round and big" in this family-friendly version refers to backpacks. Parents like their kids' backpacks to be round and big. Of course.

You can check it out below. Never before has Sir Mix-A-Lot and a Kohl's ad had seemed like they had so much in common. But hey, that's what happens when "baby got class."

The Holderness Family on YouTube

Image: The Holderness Family/Youtube