13 Different Birkenstock-Inspired Sandals For The Final Weeks Of Normcore Summer

Birkenstocks for one, and Birkenstocks for all! Who woulda thought that'd be a phrase in 2014, am I right? None of us saw the whole Birkenstock-inspired sandal trend coming, and maybe not all of us are 100 percent on board the normcore-comfy train that's serving us with about 6,000 different Birkenstock styles and a lot of distressed T-shirts quite yet. So, I speak for myself when I say that I'm always a sucker for a good trend that also allows me to dress to the same level of comfort that both '70s hippies and Jesus did. And, like any good trend, Birkenstock-style sandals have now spun off to offer us a whole range of colors and patterns. So whether you're more of a super glam gal, or a "sorry, I don't eat gluten anymore" kind of person, there's a pair of Birkenstocks (or an off-brand lookalike) for you.

For The Super Girly Girl

Ok, so maybe pink doesn’t always equal girl, but it was either this or something with sequins. And I thought it better to spare you all of that image.

Birkenstock ‘Arizona’ Soft Footbed Nubuck Sandal, $130, Nordstrom

For The Jeans and T-Shirt Girl

These are currently on sale for less than $10. Need I say more?

Sandals With Straps, $10, Zara

For The Outdoorsy Girl

Nothing says outdoorsy like a bark-colored shoe.

Topshop ‘Fancie’ Sandal, $65, Nordstrom

For The Girl Who Likes Animal Print

But not too much animal print, ya know? Just a classy touch of it.

Loeffler Randall Paz Mixed Media Gold/Zebra Print, $190, Bergdoorf Goodman

For The Metallics-Obsessed Girl

I should mention this pair is also for the “I am ridiculously wealthy” girl.

Givenchy Barka Leather Sandals, $917, My Theresa

For The Girl Who Loves Patterns

This rose pattern is super cute, but not too loud.

Papillio by Birkenstock Florida Rose Print Sandals, $67, QVC

For Someone Who Isn't Sure About Birkenstocks

They’re sort of Birkenstock-inspired… and sort of not. A happy neutral medium, if you will.

Jeffrey Campbell Caprese Sandal, $77, Nasty Gal

For The Quirky Dresser

Platform, floral, and Birkenstock-inspired: How much quirkier could you even get?

Jeffrey Campbell Aurelia Platform Sandals, $66, Nasty Gal

For Someone Who Has Every Other Style Of Birkenstocks

Willing to bet you don’t have this pair.

YRU Ocean Sandal, $105, Nasty Gal

For The Bright Color Lover

BOOM. You want bright? We’ve got bright.

Birkenstock Arizona Sandal, $90, Urban Outfitters

For The Sort Of Punk Rock Girl

The sort of punk rock girl… who likes spending $800+ on something called a ‘pool side.

Giambattista Valli Studded Pool Slide, $834, The Zoe Report

For Someone Who Likes To Party

Perfect for matching the disco ball.

Freely Sandals, $163, Stuart Weitzman

For The Girl Who Wants A Different Type Of Birkenstock

The same, but different. It’s important to have variety in your shoe wardrobe. Obviously.

Birkenstock Boardwalk Games Sandal, $90, Mod Cloth