13 Different Birkenstock-Inspired Sandals For The Final Weeks Of Normcore Summer

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Birkenstocks for one, and Birkenstocks for all! Who woulda thought that'd be a phrase in 2014, am I right? None of us saw the whole Birkenstock-inspired sandal trend coming, and maybe not all of us are 100 percent on board the normcore-comfy train that's serving us with about 6,000 different Birkenstock styles and a lot of distressed T-shirts quite yet. So, I speak for myself when I say that I'm always a sucker for a good trend that also allows me to dress to the same level of comfort that both '70s hippies and Jesus did. And, like any good trend, Birkenstock-style sandals have now spun off to offer us a whole range of colors and patterns. So whether you're more of a super glam gal, or a "sorry, I don't eat gluten anymore" kind of person, there's a pair of Birkenstocks (or an off-brand lookalike) for you.

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