'The Bling Ring': Five Things We're Excited For in Sofia Coppola's New Film

It's nice to see a Sofia Coppola film picking up buzz. (We're having serious Lost in Translation flashbacks right now.) But The Bling Ring — which tells the true story of a group of L.A. teens who robbed celebrity's homes in the Hollywood Hills — is taking over social media, with moviegoers sharing their excitement about the film's release en masse.

And you can add us to that list. With Bling Ring set to hit theaters Friday, we're clearing our calendars and counting down the reasons why we're pumped to see the teen Hollywood heist story. So, without further ado, here are five things we're most looking forward to seeing in The Bling Ring.

Emma Watson As Nicki, a.k.a., Alexis Neiers.

The Bling Ring is based on a true story, but several names within the film have been altered. Watson's character Nicki is based on Alexis Neiers, the daughter of a former Playboy model and star of short-lived reality TV show Pretty Wild . If you're a fan of The Soup, you may have seen Neiers' hysterical phone call to Nancy Jo, Vanity Fair journalist, who published a tell-all article on the ring titled "The Suspects Wore Louboutins." (Neiers insisted the articles were full of lies — she wore brown kitten heels, not Louboutins to the courthouse.) And, naturally, we can't wait to see Emma Watson take on the troubled Pretty Wild star. Can she possibly play unlikeable on screen?


The ring was caught just three short years ago, but the celebrity landscape in 2010 was completely different than it is today. Back in 2010, Miley Cyrus was still adorable, everyone watched The Hills, and Paris Hilton was still relevant. More than ever, people were famous for being famous, and while we would never want to return to a time when Brody Jenner mattered, it will be interesting to see Coppola take on the short time period.

Not To Be Shallow, But the Clothes!

We know, we know. Still, the stuff that these kids steal is truly beautiful. (Hey, at least we're not the ones stealing it!)

The Fictionalized Story... As the Real One Plays Out

While many members of the Bling Ring have been sentenced for their crimes, there are still a few cases left open... and plenty of drama to boot. According to reports, the officer who arrested Alexis Neiers (who plays himself in the film) has been charged with tampering with the ongoing investigation by participating in the film. It seems that it's not only The Bling Ring who got a little bit fame happy.

Paris Hilton's Home

Hilton — a victim of the robberies — allowed cameras inside her actual home to film the robbery. It's been too long since we've watched Celebrity Cribs.

Image: A24 Films