Should Taylor Swift & John Mayer Get Back Together? Let's Weigh The Pros & Cons

HORROR OF HORRORS: Taylor Swift had an awkward run-in with her ex-boyfriend John Mayer on Wednesday night. Swift and Mayer were spotted were spotted leaving Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, where they both had dinner. Separately. They were reportedly eating within each other's line of vision, but neither Swift nor Mayer said a single word to each other. Swift's rep says the former couple's chance encounter was purely coincidental, and that Swift "never saw Mr. Mayer" at the restaurant.

However, it is my personal opinion that Swift was obviously doing that thing when you accidentally run into your ex somewhere and "don't see them". Come on. It's a classic move. There probably isn't much for these two to say to each other any way. Swift has publicly bashed Mayer on more than one occasion, and "Dear John" can't be taken back.

Still, knowing Swift and Mayer's respective reputations as serial daters and relationship divulgers, I wouldn't be surprised if these two ended up back together in a some kind of casual hook-up situation, if not an actual relationship thing-thing. The two were both looking sleek and put together, and this wouldn't be the first time in the history of the world someone saw their ex in a restaurant and pondered rekindling the romance. Though these two would probably do best to stay far, far away from each other, there is reason to believe they could make it work this time. Let's weigh the pros and cons of a Swift-Mayer reunion.

Pro #1

Hopefully Swift and Mayer have grown more mature than they were when they first dated back in 2010. They’ve both had more life experiences, dated other people.

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Con #1

Mayer’s track record has stayed fairly consistent since he and Swift broke up. “Mayer the Player” may never change.

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Pro #2

They could be music’s next power couple. Beyonce and Jay Z are quickly slipping away from us, and we need a replacement.

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Con #2

We could end up with another obnoxious “John Mayer featuring Flavor Of The Month” duet. No thank you.

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Pro #3

Taylor Swift could come out with a whole new album based on the relationship.

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Con #3

Taylor Swift could come out with a whole new, and very banjo-heavy, album based on the relationship.

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Pro #4

With their joint history of unsteady relationships, these two might be the only two that can understand each other. Maybe it’s meant to be.

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Con #4

This song will be a total lie.

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Pro #5

Swift and Mayer were both spotted at the same restaurant, which means they both like the same food, which is an essential component of any successful relationship. Maybe Mayer finally learned to appreciate arugula.

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Con #5

When they inevitable break up again, Mayer will probably give another interview in which he reveals way more about their sex life than anyone ever wanted to know and we’ll all be scarred for life.

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