Pete Wentz & Meagan Camper Welcome A Baby Boy With A Canonized Name

If you were wondering what Pete Wentz was doing with his life these days aside from that Fall Out Boy reunion, it would appear he's been up to some good old fashioned procreation. Wentz and girlfriend Meagan Camper have officially welcomed a baby boy — one with a very big name to live up to.

According to People Saint Lazlo was born Aug 20, with a rep commenting to the mag that both mother and child are "happy and healthy." Lil' Saint is Wentz' second child — Wentz had his first, Bronx, with ex-wife Ashlee Simpson. He's five and a half years old now.

Wentz and Camper, who is a model, have reportedly been together for three years, and announced the pregnancy this past February with an instagram of them kissing upside-down and some nice little family emojis. More recently, Camper's been posting selfies in some pretty stylin' maternity wear. "Hmm nothing fits and I can't breathe through my nose," she wrote last on instagram last month. If you're wondering about what her mothering style's gonna be, let me point you to the cartoon she posted of a mama unicorn protecting her unicorn babies. It's captioned "selfie." I mean:

Image: Meagan Camper/Instagram