Tom Hardy Dressed as 'The Dark Knight Rises' Bane & Crashed A Wedding Because He Has a Great Sense of Humor — PHOTO

Back in 2011, Tom Hardy accidentally crashed a wedding in his Bane costume while shooting The Dark Knight Rises in Pittsburg. It appears that Hardy somehow ended up wandering away from the set and into a wedding reception. A a photo documenting this unsettling yet hilarious situation has only just now surfaced on a #ThrowbackThursday Reddit thread and gone viral. In the photo, Hardy casually waves at a group of bridesmaids like it's totally normal for a terrifying Batman villain to appear in the middle of a wedding reception. Hardy seems to not think crashing a wedding as a masked villain is a big deal, and can be seen happily smizing under his mask.

It's unclear why a couple would elect to have their wedding across the street from the set of Dark Knight Rises, but they seemed to be fans: it the couple got to enjoy a rare photo-op with the Batmobile Tumbler. It was probably the least the Dark Knight Rises producers could do after what was no doubt an initially unsettling surprise for the unsuspecting wedding guests, especially the bride and groom who might not have ever expected a menacingly-costumed Tom Hardy to photobomb their wedding pictures. It's really not something you plan for.