Shailene Woodley's 'White Bird in a Blizzard' Trailer Describes a Complex Mother-Daughter Relationship — VIDEO

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Move over Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone, Shailene Woodley is Hollywood's latest leading lady and part-time wood nymph. She might not be as funny as Stone or as relatable as Lawrence, but Woodley preferred sewing to boys when she was a teenager and we are all enamored with her hippie quirks. Divergent gave her some buzz, but it was The Fault in Our Stars that really made her a household name. So when the trailer for White Bird in a Blizzard , Woodley's latest heartbreaking drama, hit the Internet, it's only natural that some comparisons were going to be drawn between the two. Especially when White Bird in a Blizzard opens with Woodley lying on her back staring up at the camera exactly like Hazel Grace in The Fault in Our Stars.

That iconic shot aside, White Bird in a Blizzard and The Fault in Our Stars couldn't be more different. According to Wikipedia, White Bird tells the story of Kat Connor, a girl who is very close with her mother Eve Connor, played by Eva Green. When her mother disappears, Kat's life is left in confused shambles and her quest to track Eve down leads to shocking discoveries. This trailer, however, does not paint a picture of a tight mother-daughter bond. In fact, it paints Eve as an unpredictable, vaguely creepy, and psychologically disturbed woman, making it hard to feel like Kat has a personal stake in getting her mother back for any reason other than, well, it's her mother.

Once Green goes missing, Woodley reflects that she had a mercurial personality that made dinners awkward and her distraught father, played by Christopher Meloni, admits that Green never loved him. While her mother is gone, Woodley gets involved with Thomas Jane, who plays the police detective helping to track her down. Ultimately, Woodley's acting skills are completely on point as she cycles through the myriad of complicated emotions that any 17 year old who has their life turned upside down in such a huge way would feel and she and Green already shine together in this movie.

It might not be The Fault in Our Stars, but it looks like it will break your heart all the same. Check out the trailer below.

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