Jimmy Fallon's "My Roommate Is Weird" Bit Will Give You Serious Flashbacks — VIDEO

Hell hath no fury like a weird roommate. We've all had them, or we've all at least heard about them, and the chronicles of weird roommates run the gamut: roommates who collect their cat's feces, roommates who hold seances in the middle of your living room, and roommates who eat all of your Girl Scout cookies and collect the boxes for keepsakes. Further, Jimmy Fallon's hashtag #MyRoommateIsWeird on The Tonight Show will give you flashbacks to your weird roommates from the past (or eerily predict your roommates from the future!). On the other hand, it might also make you release a huge sigh of relief. Maybe Cat Shit roommate wasn't so bad after all!

But then there's always the other option: are you the weird roommate? You might think that doing zumba in the living room and eating salsa out of the jar is totally normal, but did your roommate tweet your zumba-salsa habits to Fallon? And what is a "weird roommate," anyway? Isn't the term "weird" so subjective? Like, one might think letting mice run free around your place is a way of obtaining free pets. You never know.

You can hear what Fallon and his team think is weird, and it's likely that you'll agree. Here's hoping it wasn't your roommate who *SPOILER ALERT* peed behind the fridge.

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