9 Cartoon-Inspired Clothing and Accessories To Wear For An Incredibly Nerdy Fall Wardrobe

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Admit it: You adore cartoons. Perhaps you don't go mad for Snoopy or you have lukewarm feelings towards Scooby Doo, but most Millennials still carry a torch for at least one sketched friend. The best way to channel your infatuation in adulthood is through well-chosen items of cartoon-inspired clothing. Fashion is fully on board with comic book couture; after all, did you see Jeremy Scott's Spongbob-laden Fall 2014 runway? The seafaring sponge made an additional appearance at Moschino's Fall presentation as well. So if your favorite time of year is ComicCon and you have an enduring love for words that are accompanied by pictures, fall 2014 is going to be a good season for you. Read on for nine cartoon-items to add to your wardrobe right now.

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