What's That Song In The JCPenney Ad? This Singer/Songwriter's Music Is A TV Favorite

Drew Angerer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Do you smell that? The scent of freshly sharpened pencils, college ruled notebook pages, and plastic Spacemaker boxes wafting in the breeze? (I don’t know if Spacemakers are still around. I won't look up the answer, for any answer other than “YUP they’re more popular than ever!” would be too much for me to bear.) It’s baaaaack to schooooooool seeeeeeason! And it's JCPenney's back to school appreciation sale seeeeeeeason! How do I know? That JCPenney back to school appreciation sale ad, doye. Perhaps you (like me) are more curious about who sings the song in the clothing retailer's back to school sale commercial than which wares are currently available at a discounted price. You bet I Shazam’d the heck outta the song: It’s “I Do It My Way” by Lindsey Ray.

You've probably heard the singer/songwriter’s work before: Ray's music has appeared in numerous TV shows and commercials. Additionally, she writes songs for other artists as well. A couple of Ray's credits: she cowrote Demi Lovato's "In Real Life" and Mariah Carey's Oz The Great and Powerful track "Almost Home."

But wait! There's more! Ray is also a member of bands Farmdale (their song “Give It To Me Now” is in a T-Mobile ad and a remixed version is in an Xbox One ad) and Mary Jane Fonda (“I Think I Like It” was featured in an episode of Finding Carter).

After reading about Ray and her career, I came to the following conclusion: The JCPenney ad isn't the first we've heard from Ray, and it definitely won't be the last. I mean, she had me at "cowrote a song for Mimi."


Image: LindseyRayChannel/YouTube