The "Pizza Cat" Eatery By Japan's Pizza Hut Is The Greatest Place That Never Existed — PHOTOS

Forget Push for Pizza: Japan has come up with an even better way to make eating pizza more enjoyable, and it involves cats. That’s right, pizza and cats — talk about a GIF dream. Pizza Hut Japan recently unveiled Pizza Cat, a new pizza chain that is exactly what it sounds like: a pizza restaurant operated solely by cats.

Don’t get too excited and book your flight to Japan just yet — the website promoting Pizza Cat is less of a business idea and more of a mini web series that Pizza Hut Japan decided to create for fun. AdWeek took a closer look at the YouTube video and, with the help of a translator, figured out that the Pizza Cat is not actually a real store, as you might have picked up by now.

Though it may be a fictional store, the promotional videos that Pizza Hut Japan created to launch its Pizza Cat campaign are very real, and very amusing. The campaign features various 30-second “episodes” of the feline Pizza Cat employees (trying to) complete normal pizza-related tasks, like delivering pizzas and answering delivery calls.

We're all been there, Pizza Cat.

Sleeping on the job

Because every job should have a nap time.

Wardrobe malfunctions

In her defense, she told them she wanted the medium.

The delivery that never was

Because cats can’t answer phones, of course.

Important accounting business

Making the numbers add up is hard when you don't have thumbs.

Cleanup time

They've come a long way from their litter box days.

Figuring out delivery routes

Pro tip: They should get themselves a WarKitteh collar. Problem solved.

You can watch the full length versions of the dozen Pizza Cat episodes at Pizza Hut Web's YouTube page, but here's my personal favorite.

ピザハット 公式YouTubeチャンネル on YouTube

Images: PizzaHutWeb/YouTube