Are Josh Hutcherson & Claudia Traisac Dating? Let's Use the "Are They Or Aren't They" Test

If you're a hot, young movie star, bad news: everyone wants all up in your private life. Good news: you're a hot, young movie star! Mockingjay star Josh Hutcherson has been tasked with enduring the positive and negative sides of stardom, not the least of which is having people constantly trying to figure out his relationship status. Hutcherson has been linked with starlets like Vanessa Hudgens and Victoria Justice, but most recently with Paradise Lost co-star Claudia Traisac. I've yet to hear tell of a definitive breakup, so I'm wondering if Josh Hutcherson and Claudia Traisac are still together? Of course, not hearing news of a split, doesn't mean a couple is still together. So, I'm going to employ my patent-pending Are They Or Aren't They system in order to discover the truth.


MISSION: To determine if subject is seeing someone based on recent Instagram pictures.

VERDICT: Inconclusive. Neither Hutcherson nor Traisac have Instagram. Next!


MISSION: To determine if subject is seeing someone by looking through @ mentions and Twit Pics.

VERDICT: Inconclusive. UGH. He has a Twitter, but in the past year, he's only tweeted about playing basketball for charity, March Madness, and climate change. And he hasn't tweeted at anyone. And he hasn't tweeted any gossip-worthy pics. Claudia has a Twitter, but the only mentions of Hutcherson recently are in promotional tweets for Paradise Lost. Next!


MISSION: To determine if subject is seeing someone by looking through their Facebook posts.

VERDICT: Inconclusive. Again, just a slew of charity-related posts for Hutcherson. And for Traisac, there is a page, but it's almost entirely empty and is maybe not even created by the actress herself. Next!


MISSION: To determine if subject is seeing someone by Googling the relationship.

VERDICT: So I Googled every iteration of "Josh Hutcherson Claudia Traisac dating" imaginable and there hasn't really been any news about them since 2013. In fact, the most recent article that comes up when you google their names in tandem is about Hutcherson taking a "mysterious brunette" on a motorcycle ride.

FINAL CONCLUSION: They're not dating. It was inconclusive until The Google Test tipped the scale ever-so-slightly. Still, I'm hungry for official confirmation.

Feel free to remember the good times via this kiss pic from 2013...