The Family That Trapezes Together...

I'll admit it: I made a face when I first read that Caroline Manzo and her family nabbed a Bravo show (I blame Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 5. That season all but put me in my grave. After that reunion, I would've been salty about anyone from that television program getting a spinoff. Even the amazing Rosie Pierri. I was in a dark place). Fast-forward to a few months later: My RHONJ fatigue is a thing of the past. I've watched every episode of the sixth season with a big ol' dumb grin on my face. But as much as I like the latest season, two realizations hit me the other night: 1) I really miss Caroline being on my TV screen and 2) I am all in on the Caroline spinoff. The latest trailer for Manzo'd With Children only adds to my excitement. Can it be Oct. 5 already?????

So, what will the first season of Manzo'd With Children bring to the Bravo schedule table? SO MANY THINGS: Albie Manzo and Chris Manzo move back in with Caroline, Albert Manzo, and Lauren Manzo. The Manzos go to Texas. The Manzos try their hands at the art of trapeze. Albie has a hot girlfriend who likes to wash cars in a bikini out on the driveway. Lauren preps for her wedding. Caroline hangs out with Jacqueline Laurita. Albie throws a glass after a fight with Lauren.

Oh! I almost forgot: Albie may or may not pull a Jax Taylor. Does that mean he wears a lot of shawl collar sweaters? Maybe, maybe not. I don't want to spoil the surprise for you.