George W. Bush's Daughter: I Want Hillary To Run In 2016

A new endorsement for Hillary 2016 comes from a rather unexpected source: George W. Bush’s daughter.

In an upcoming interview with People Magazine, the 31-year-old Barbara Bush called the former Secretary of State “unbelievably accomplished” and expressed her hope that Clinton makes another go at the presidency in three years. The full interview will appear in the August 26th issue.

In one sense, the perception that there’s an ongoing Bush/Clinton dynastic rivalry in American politics makes Bush’s encouragement seem a bit surprising — but the sentiment isn’t entirely out of left field.

For one, Bush’s health care nonprofit, Global Health Corps, has already partnered with Bill Clinton’s Clinton Health Access Initiative in efforts to negotiate lower prices for HIV/AIDS treatments in developing countries. And on a personal level, the two families don’t exactly hate each other (during his presidency, George W. would sometimes call Bill Clinton to unwind and talk politics).

Despite all of this, Barbara Bush says she wouldn’t necessarily vote for Hillary.

“I don’t know who she’d be running against,” Bush said in the same interview — no doubt remembering that her own uncle, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, could be in the presidential running as well. (We’re skeptical of America’s willingness to elect another president named “Bush” any time soon.)

Barbara Bush, for her part, is politically unaffiliated.