Feeling Stressed? 11 Simple Ways to Create a More Relaxing Environment At Home

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It's ridiculously easy to let yourself get caught up in the stress of everyday life. Whether you're feeling tense from a hectic work day, had an insanely busy day at school, or are feeling anxious about a looming social obligation, we humans tend to forget we are all just molecules and need to calm down. Nothing is so important that you need to pull your hair out. Stress is bad for your body, dude. Take a deep breath.

Of course as I say that, I'm running through a checklist in my head of all the things I still need to do today — and I'm sure most people can relate. While I like to think I've calmed down significantly in the last year, occasionally I still need a simple reminder to just take a moment and relax. Looking to unwind? Here are my tried and true ways of creating a relaxing environment at home to help melt the stress away.

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