11 Recipes For The Peanut Butter Fanatics, Because There Are a Lot of Us

I don't personally like Nutella, but I can relate to eating spreads straight out of the jar. There seems to be a lot of love for the Nutella fanatics, but where's the attention paid to us PB folk? The cost of the hazelnut spread is rising, so perhaps I can convert some of you to my team.

Peanut butter has been my culinary home away from home -- it's comforting, delicious, and readily available. Here are 11 recipes so you can enjoy your favorite food in everything from brittle to ice cream. Enjoy!

Image: A Beautiful Mess

peanut butter cayenne ice cream

With the end of summer quickly approaching, I recommend your final summer activity be whipping up a batch of this peanut butter cayenne ice cream from A Beautiful Mess.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

banana cupcakes with peanut butter

Bananas and peanut butter are a classic pairing, but have you ever combined them into a cupcake? Didn’t think so. Go on, try out this recipe from Adventures In Cooking now!

Image: Adventures In Cooking

peanut butter brownie bites

The only thing better than banana and peanut butter is chocolate and peanut butter, like in these brownie bites from Your Cup Of Cake. I’ll take seven please!

Image: Your Cup Of Cake

peanut butter nutella cheesecake bars

Thank goodness for Inside BruCrew Life and these insane peanut butter Nutella cheesecake bars. Come to the dark side, Nutella lovers.

Image: Inside BruCrew Life

tagalong bread with peanut spread

Looking for a sweet breakfast treat? Something Swanky has the ultimate bread recipe for you.

Image: Something Swanky

sweet and spicy peanut brittle

Combine two of nature’s greatest flavors in this sweet and salty brittle from A Beautiful Mess. Yum doesn’t begin to cover it.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

no bake peanut butter marshmallow bars

Baking in the summer is H-O-T hot, which is why I am so grateful to Confessions Of A Cookbook Queen for these no-bake peanut butter marshmallow bars.

Image: Confessions Of A Cookbook Queen

peanut butter pretzel milkshake

The best kind of sugar rush is a peanut butter pretzel milkshake sugar rush. Thank you, Cookies and Cups!

Image: Cookies and Cups

sunflower seed peanut butter

Interested in making your own delicious peanut butter? Look no further than this sunflower seed peanut butter from Averie Cooks.

Image: Averie Cooks

peanut butter banana oat smoothie

Start tomorrow morning off right with this delicious smoothie from The Messy Baker.

Image: The Messy Baker

chocolate peanut butter truffles

The perfect after dinner snack has got to be these chocolate peanut butter truffles Bakerella. You can top them with powdered sugar, nuts, chocolate, you name it!

Image: Bakerella