Jimmy Kimmel Hosts Oprah & Holy Shit, Some Random Girl In the Audience Lives Our Dream

You've had this dream, too, I know it. There you are, sitting in an audience, minding your own business in your perfectly casual-enough outfit, with your not-too-done hair when the lighting in the studio shifts, and suddenly you feel the warm, corpuscular rays of the spotlight fire your vitals, and there, standing next to you with a mic pack, is a P.A. telling you those six little words that melt your heart like a sinful slab of butter on pie fresh out of the oven: "Oprah. She wants to see you." For one Jimmy Kimmel/Oprah fan, the dream became a reality last night.

Oprah went on the late night program to hype her new movie The Butler Wednesday when suddenly, she was overcome by the need to give away a car. Faking some sort of spell, Opes turns to Jimmy and explains that she just "has this feeling", then pulls Bernie, or is it Britney? from the audience, and gives her the goddamn thrill of a lifetime.

I don't know whether to hug Britney, or kick her in the shins, insult her way too-casual baseball tee, and steal her Oprah mobile. (Didn't you know Oprah was going to be the guest Brit? You could've tried a little harder, girl.)

Watch this random woman live the dream: