Kim Kardashian's Makeup-Free Selfie Proves She's a Real Human Being — PHOTO

Kim Kardashian is many things, but perhaps most prominently, she is self indulgent — or selfie-indulgent, ahem, pun intended. So given Mrs. Kardashian-West's predilection for posting indulgent photos of herself, it was a total surprise when Kim posted a make-up free selfie, as it proved that she is totally okay with showing her true facial colors. It also served as evidence that Kanye does occasionally see his wife without make-up, too (did you know!?!?). So, to clarify: Kim Kardashian's skin does not have make-up permanently painted on it. She exists without make-up. She...#woke up like that. And that underneath all of that glamor and foundation, she's...a human being. Say what!?

So in a momentous time such as this, it seems imperative to ask: is it self indulgent to post photos sans make-up, or is it like, "Hey, just like J. Lo and Ja Rule sang back in 2002, I'm real?" Is telling your millions of followers that it's a "make-up free weekend" a way to invite praise — go Kim for being au natural!I — as well as approval ("OMG, you're soooo pretty without make-up, Kim!)? It's tough to tell if au natural photos are an electronic way of fishing for compliments or if they are indeed worthy of praise because, hey — maybe stars are just like us (full disclosure: they're not).

Either way, there's something to be said for this photo. And for the record, Kim: it was a make-up free weekend for many of us. It was also a sweatpants-filled and chocolate-stain-on-the-shirt weekend for many of us, too. Us plebes.

Image: kimkardashian/Instagram