MTV 2014 VMA Red Carpet: All The Looks From The Most Bananas Award Show On Television

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In the world of glamorous awards shows, the MTV Video Music Awards is the rogue youngest sibling who ran off to a commune after high school to "discover its true self." Guests are often more naked than not, covered in sequins, and wearing the most outlandishly colorful prints known to mankind. Lady Gaga's meat dress, Lil Kim's purple pasty, Christina Aguilera's uber-short skirt and barely there bra top, and Miley Cyrus' teddy bear bodysuit were all products of past VMAs. The 2013 red carpet was pretty tame, featuring mostly sleek designer gowns, but with Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, and Iggy Azaela all in attendance this year, 2014 was bound to be more pumped up. Here, all the looks on the 2014 VMA red carpet, for your sartorial enjoyment.

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