Is 'The Fosters' Renewed For Season 3? The Answer Is As Shocking As a 'Fosters' Twist

Season 2 of The Fosters may have just ended a few days ago, but I am already looking forward to a future filled with more family drama and romance. In The Fosters season finale, Brallie had a make-out session after Callie finds out she isn't getting adopted again. Mariana and Jesus met their birth mother and Jude revealed that he and Connor did "something bad" on their camping trip. We know that The Fosters will return for a Christmas special in December of this year during ABC Family's "25 Days of Christmas" event they telecast every year. The hit show should also receive a few more episodes in January of 2015 to cap off Season 2, if the trend of Season 1 continues. But at the moment, ABC Family has revealed absolutely nothing about the future of The Fosters or a potential Season 3.

I'm not exactly sure why the network is taking so long to make the call. The Fosters ' summer finale received its second-best ratings of the season and Season 2 has had consistent ratings from start to end of the summer finale in addition to retaining most of their viewership from Season 1. Too boot, The Fosters received a GLAAD award and a Television Critics Association Award for Achievement in Youth Programming. Critics are also convinced that renewal for Season 3 is a safe bet. So why is ABC Family dragging its feet?

The only thing I can think of is that the network is weighing the ratings from their other shows and from The Fosters upcoming Christmas special to make any decisions about continuing the series. Plus, by turning Season 1 into a full season with 22 episodes, the cast and crew probably had barely any break at all between filming the first and second seasons as the Season 1 finale aired in March of 2014 and the Season 2 premiere aired in June of this year.

Perhaps the cast and crew are frankly overjoyed by having a well-deserved break and the network will wait to renew after the probable continued Season 2 episodes in the new year for which we are still waiting for an official confirmation and an air date. But even if this is the end of Season 2, cutting the episode order isn't a rare practice. MTV made the same moves for its hit show Teen Wolf when it increased the episode order for Season 3 and needed to reduce it for Season 4. It didn't mean the show was getting cancelled. In fact, Season 5 will yet again be an increased season.

The worst possible thought to have at this moment is that The Fosters is getting canceled, that is highly unlikely. The network clearly has enough faith in the series to give it a Christmas special this year alongside its other hit series Pretty Little Liars. ABC Family is probably just biding its time and will announce a Fosters renewal any day now. They would never just cancel the show willy nilly. Executive Producer Jennifer Lopez would never allow it. Have faith in JLo, Fosters fans. Have faith in JLo.

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