'Breaking Bad' Spinoff 'Better Call Saul' Hints at an Origin Story For Saul Goodman — VIDEO

Did you know that Breaking Bad's Saul Goodman was once a man named Jimmy McGill? He was indeed, and now spinoff Better Call Saul is setting out to fill in the blanks of how Jimmy went about becoming the go-to attorney for Albequerque's criminal population. This new clip for Better Call Saul doesn't exactly tell us much about all that goes down — but it certainly gears us up for the journey.

The premiere date for Better Call Saul was pushed back from November 2014 to an undisclosed date in early 2015, so unfortunately those of us clamoring for more from the expanded Breaking Bad-verse are left with (admittedly hilarious) sketches of Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston in pawn shops and not much actually happening in Albequerque. But even though this new clip is mighty sparse — it's mainly Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould dropping cryptic teases and a quick shot of Saul/Jimmy talking to potential clients at a diner.

But it's still a pretty solid set-up: who'da think during the Breaking Bad years that we'd ever see Saul Goodman scoff at the idea of representing society's seedy underbelly? It's a new Saul for an old age. Watching his fall into campy local tv ads sounds like a treat. And like it'll be a lot less depressing than actual Breaking Bad.

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Image: AMC