He's Taking Down Pinatas, Literally

Last Week Tonight may be on hiatus until September 7th, but John Oliver is fully aware of how wild the Internet goes for his weekly videos — or his "literal, epic takedowns!" — as the Internet might put it. (I fully concede; I am often a part of that wild, hyperbolic praise.) So Oliver has given the Internet exactly what it wants — an actual, literal takedown. In the video below, you can watch John Oliver literally destroy a pinata, as one might do at a children's birthday party (or an adult's birthday party, if you're really havin' fun). He has now given Internet writers like myself the opportunity to write, "John Oliver literally destroyed a pinata! He took it DOWN!" So thanks, John Oliver!

Of course, it's funny to watch Oliver as he rips apart a pinata (literally destroying it!) after verbally destroying pinatas for all of notions about animal cruelty they instill in children (not literally destroying it!). But as always, there's a driving, truthful point behind his humor. The Internet really loves hyperbole — and Internet writers love a violent metaphor, too. He slew it! He ripped it to shreds! He annihilated it! He made the pinata's candy guts spill out all over the place with his WORDS!

So once again, thank you, John Oliver. You always know how to put us all in our place. Can't wait for you to return in a couple of weeks.

You can watch Oliver — ahem — literally destroy — a pinata below.